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Applied Research, Education ,Training and Consultancy


We are Water Research Centre

Water Research Centre

In 2014 the Centre has been promoted to a Centre of Excellence in Water Research by the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific Research

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Scientific Committee

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Center Chair Parson. (Prof. Ali A. Rabah) Director of the Center. (Prof. Gamal Abdo) Deputy Dean for Academic Affaires. (Dr. Abdelmotalab Fadol Elmola) Head of Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department. (Dr. Ammar Hassan) Head of Chemical Engineering Department. (Dr. Afaf Abadi) Head of Civil Engineering Department. (Dr. Magdi Zumrawi) Head of Mechanical Engineering Department.

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Water Research Center, University of Khartoum is part of Enquiry-Based Learning in the Curricula of Master-Level Courses in the Water and Land Nexus (EBL-Nexus) which aims to improve the quality of the master-level teaching in partner countries through the implementation and introduction of enquiry-based learning tools and case studies in their respective curricula.