Scientific Committee

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Center Chair Parson.    (Prof. Ali A. Rabah)
Director of the Center.

(Prof. Gamal Abdo)
Deputy Dean for Academic Affaires.

(Dr. Abdelmotalab Fadol Elmola)
Head of Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department.

(Dr. Ammar Hassan)
Head of Chemical Engineering Department.

(Dr. Afaf Abadi)
Head of Civil Engineering Department.

(Dr. Magdi Zumrawi)
Head of Mechanical Engineering Department.

(Dr. Mahmoud Onsa)
Head of Environmental Management Unit.

(Dr. Asia Adlan Mohamed)
Head of Hydrology and Watershed Management Unit.

(Dr. Babikir Ibrahim Barsi)
Head of Irrigation/Drainage Unit.

(Dr. Adil M. El-Khidir)
Head of IWRM and Decision Support.

(Dr. Elsadig M.  Sharfi)
Head of River and Coastal Hydraulics Unit.

(Prof. Mohamed Akode Osman)
Head of Socio-economic and Legal Unit.

(Dr. Ahmed El Faig)
Head of Water Supply and Sanitation Unit.

(Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Khadam)
Center Staff.