Sudan Youth Parliament for Water (SYPW)

Sudan Youth Parliament for Water (SYPW)
1.    General Description
 The Sudan Youth Parliament for Water (SYPW) is a youth network acting for water around Sudan. This network of young people acting for water at all levels: from local communities, where they implement concrete actions to National / International Water Debates; where they advocate for youth participation in the water sector. The SYPW is a National Representation of the World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW) in Sudan.

•    To coordinate youth actions for water at national level.
•    To ensure youth recognition as a key stakeholder in the water sector.
•    To raise youth awareness about water issues.
•    To strengthen youth capacities to act for water.

3.    Objectives
The main objective is to facilitate, organize and coordinate the contribution of Youth in the application of the Sustainable Development Goal.6 in Sudan: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all populations”.
The specific objective of the organization is to develop, support and promote the potential of young people to contribute to achieving this overall objective.
4.    Actions / Activities

1-    Advocacy Task force
2-    Communication Task Force
3-    Educational Programs
4-    Awareness rising programs
5-    Field Project Task Force

5.    Organization
The young members are at the heart of the SYPW, as a network of young people, for young people and lead by young people. Each will be responsible for implementing the aforementioned activities locally in their community.
6.    Partners

1.    World Youth Parliament for Water (
2.    International secretariat for water (
3.    Young Water Solutions Organization (
4.    GoodPlanet Belgium (
5.    UNESCO.