WRC Publication

List of Publications :
 Sudan and the Water Sciences Programmes of UNESCO, the Seventh Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Conference (in Basic and Engineering Sciences), Khartoum, Sudan, Feb. 2016 (co-author).
 “Water Resources in Sudan”, a reference book on process for publication of the Water Research Centre at The University of Khartoum, 2015 (contributor & co-editor).
 “UNESCO's IHP Contribution to Hydrology and Water Resources Management”, an invited paper as a contribution to the golden jubilee of the UNESCO’s IHP/IHD, 2015 (author).
 “Ancient Innovations in Irrigation and Water Resources Management in North Africa and West Asia”, A paper published in I. K. Kalavrouziotis and A. N. Angelakis (Eds), 1st IWA Regional Symposium on Water, Wastewater and Environment: Traditions and Culture, 22-24 March 2014, Greece; and accepted by the Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering (co-author).
 “G-WADI-the First Decade”, Journal of Sciences in Cold and Arid regions,5(1),PP 1-5,2013 (co-author).
 “Water Conservation in the Arab Region: A Must for Survival”, Journal for Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions, 5(1),PP 157-164,2013(co author).
 “Challenges Facing Groundwater Management in Sudan”,Global Advanced  Research Journal of Physical and Applied Sciences(GARJPAS),Vol.1(1),PP1-11,2012(co-author).

 Groundwater Serial Maps of Asia, Sinomaps Press 2012 (cooperative foreign specialist).
 Abdo, G.M., (2013),  "Development of Flood Frequency Curves for the Eastern Nile", University of Khartoum Engineering Journal,   Vol 3, Issue 1, PP 1-6 .
 Abdo, G.M. , Salih, A, and  Al-Sheikh, A.,  ( (2013)," Water conservation in the Arab region: a must for survival", Journal of Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions. , 5(1): PP 157–164. (50% contribution)
 Abdo, G.M. and Nasr, A., (2012), " An Improved Flood Forecasting Model of the Blue Nile River in Sudan", University of Khartoum Engineering Journal,   Vol 2, Issue 1, PP 27-30. (70% contribution)
 Abdo, G.M. and Salih, A, (2012), " Challenges Facing Groundwater Management in Sudan", Global Advanced Research Journal of Physical and Applied Sciences (GARJPAS),  Vol. 1(1) , PP. 001-011. (70% contribution).