Topographic Mapping For Al Gash River- Flood Plain Management

Project’s Objective:

The main objective of this project is to provide a solid baseline data for flood risk management of Al Gash River using:
   - RTK-GPS,
   -   Remote sensing, and
   -   GIS.


- conduct  RTK Survey for the longitudinal section of the Gash River {27 KM) at 20 cross-sections.
- Develop contour map for the flash flood affected areas in Kasalah city about {70 km2) with a cross-section every 1 km interval.
- Provide Satellite image maps for the hotspot area and develop GIS Maps using land sat and MOlDS sat data.
- Prepare frequency analysis of historical water levels and flows at the main station (Bridge station) and Geira station.

- Develop flood hazard maps for various return periods {25yr, 50yr, and 100yr).
- Conduct assessment of affected population (current status), identify risk areas and zones  for future planning, and develop flood risk maps.
-    Propose remedial measures for flash flood risk mitigation in Kasalah.
- Prepare technical report documenting and outlining the main activities of the development of Flash Flood  Hazard and Risk Maps for the Gash        River, Kasalah, Sudan.


- Site visit.
- Review of previous works.
- Collection of existing data.
- Building GIS from the existing data.
- Field work.
- Field work data verification.
- Office work for data processing & analysis.
- GIS for Kassala City.
- Generate the required outputs for the flood analysis.